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1. Audiolessons: Time Machines vol. 1 new: 2017-2018
2. Audiolessons (podomatic): Literary Hyperlinks
Audiolessons (podbean) old

a.s 2017-2018

- A new notion of time(pdf) -    PODCAST
- Music in the Middle Ages (pdf) - PODCAST

a.s. 2015/2016

- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: MURDER BALLADS
- The Dada Movement

a.s. 2014/2015

Fatema Mernissi: "Size 6"    AUDIO

a.s. 2012/2013

The Wife of Bath's Tale (summary)
The Prologue and The Wife of Bath's Tale (lyrics)
Baba Brinkman's Canterbury Tales (hip-hop)new!

Father and Son by Cat Stevens

The Sixties

The Seafarer (part 1 and 2 )

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Degrowth (Decrescita - Serge Latouche) (semplice)
Would the West actually be happier with less? The world downscaled (articolo di Serge Latouche)
File MP3 read by MG Tundo

"The eagle" (audio MP3 podcast)

Features of short stories
Genre Portfolio: the Short Story
Outline of a prose text (writing)

a.s. 2011/2012

 Kahlil Gibran: The Madman e On Children

a.s. 2010/2011

Geordie (a traditional ballad sung by Gabriella Rutigliano, with lyrics)
Geordie (Italian and English Version)

The Middle Ages (audiolesson podcast)

Introduction to the reading of short stories

"Emancipation: a Life Fable" by Kate Chopin (MP3 read by Alan Davis-Drake for

"Her letters" by Kate Chopin:
"Her letters": read by MG Tundo (MP3) []
"Her letters": a comment (
Studies in America Fiction) (very difficult)

a.s. 2009/2010

Prospero's Speech by Loreena McKennit (musica e testo)
Channel Your English - intermediate (listening transcripts pdf - complete)
Channel Your English Intermediate (transcripts - file word-doc)

a.s. 2008/2009

Extreme sports (abridged from Wikipedia)

A Clean Well-Lighted Place by Ernest Hemingway
Un posto pulito, illuminato bene
(tr. di Marco Roberto Capelli)
A Clean Well-Lighted Place  [A commentary]


LITERARY LINKS. From the Origins to the Romantic Age, CIDEB
Downloadable MP3 files (read by MG Tundo)

Early Britain: a History of Invasions-The Celts (pp.11-12)
Roman Britain (pp.12-14)
The Anglo-Saxon invasion-The birth of a legend-The seven kingdoms (pp. 16-17)
Anglo-Saxon culture (p. 18)


a.s. 2005-2006

Roald Dahl's Genesis and Catastrophe (1953)
Telling stories
What is poetry

Language and reality
Sexism in language
Sexism in language (with examples)

a.s. 2004-2005

William Shakespeare, Sonetto 55
On The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles

a.s. 2003-2004

Notes for Salman Rushdie:The Satanic Verses

a.s. 2001-2002

Greensleeves (Lyrics and Midi files)
English History: The Origins

Beowulf and The Heroic Ideal
Cruel sister (a ballad)
Geordie (F. De Andrč)
Canzoni di De André da Spoon River

Channel Your English - intermediate (listening transcripts pdf - complete)
Channel Your English - intermediate ( workbook transcripts)

Gold: listening transcripts