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The Albatross by Sheria Tshongo Mussonghora (with the student's comments)

BLOGS and WEBSITES (a.s. 2011-2012)

Progetto "Stay Hungry, Stay foolish" a.s 11/12

(The teacher does not check or correct all the blogs, so there might be mistakes. The didactic aim is developing  "communication skills" and "self-monitoring"):

The most visited and updated blogs
- I Will Try To Fix You
- Touch My World With Your Fingertips
- Wish You Were Here
- Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
- LadyK

- Follow Your Dreams
- You Shoot For the Stars

- Embrace Your Dreams
- The World Of Faigh

- To Me It Is an Onion
- Delena_Love Sucks

- From a Spaceship To a Piece Of Cake
- Music Is All You Need
- 88's Keys' Blog 
- Born This Way
- Colored World

- Gabbro95 Homepage


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- Arena
The Vampire Diaries
- Never Stop Dreaming
- Life Goes On
- Music is Our Life
- Nature Loves Hiding



Fairy Tales by Floriana Misceo (4A a.s. 2003/2004)
ll you have to know about Jane Eyre by Barbara Bortone (5A, a. s. 2002-2003)
Focus on... Virgina Woolf's suicide by Barbara Bortone (5A, a. s. 2002-2003)
The Satanic Mind of Mary Shelley by Barbara Bortone (5A, a. s. 2002-2003)


Reflections on school  by Alessio Aldini ( 4A, a.s.. 2001-2002)


To love or not to love by Alessio Aldini (IV A, a.s.. 2001-2002)


A comment on Sinead O'Connor's song "Red Football"   by Barbara Masulli e Rita Lograno (II  A, a.s. 1999-2000)


Love poems by Marco Rossello(II A, a.s. 1999-2000)